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Passionate photographer and photo-story-teller feels this profession will drive her insane

“I want my pictures to live forever,” says Apeksha Agarwal a 26-year-old Indian Photographer based in Los Angeles

Newztabloid-Apeksha-photographer-hollywood-apeksha agarwal-fashion photographer-hollywood photographer
Apeksha Agarwal, a freelance, commercial; beauty & fashion photographer based out of Los Angeles is the name reckoned in Hollywood
She had a passion that she always wanted to pursue in India. Initially, it was her fear that has kept her away from telling her parents that she wanted to pursue a career in Photography. It is when she got a boost to it when she told the same to her parents. Today, Apeksha Agarwal, daughter of Kapil Agarwal, Managing Director UFO, is a modern-day Kathaakaar and currently pursues the profession as a freelance, commercial; beauty & fashion photographer believes in telling her stories through the power of Lens.
Newztabloid-Apeksha-photographer-hollywood-apeksha agarwal-fashion photographer-hollywood photographer
Powering her lens for detailed stories through photos and visuals
Yes, she is an acclaimed photographer based in Los Angeles. Rather than words and music, she tells her stories through form and color, light and shadow. As a fashion and beauty photographer, she has photographed talents ranging from models to musicians to who’s and who of the Hollywood.

“The driving force behind my passion for what I do lies in my ability to capture as much as I can in a single photo, and I want my picture to live forever,” she says. Like storytellers throughout history, at only 26 years of age, she has taken a journey which spans several continents and both sides of the globe. Born in Meerut, most of her childhood was spent in Delhi surrounded by a family of role models. Agarwal’s family excels in both art and business, and her parents supported her in exploring science, commerce, and the arts. “My love for photography was born when, as a child I watched my father shoot portraits of our family and friends,” she explains. 

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