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Date with Data: WPP India hosts the first Data Summit

Date with Data, WPP India’s Data Summit, will decode the evolving, data-driven marketing landscape via all verticals of the industry, by bringing together WPP’s talent, partners, and clients

CVL Srinivas, WPP India Country Manager, and  Anas Ghazi, CEO of WPP’s Data Alliance

WPP India, alongside WPP’s Data Alliance, will host Date with Data, a first-ever Data Summit, on 16th October 2018 at the ISDI – WPP School of Communication in Mumbai. This one-day summit will bring together WPP leaders, partners, and clients, to discuss how to drive success in today’s market by leveraging consumer, marketing, and communication data.

The summit will serve as a platform to discuss the current and future state of the global data landscape with a specific emphasis on India. Each session throughout the event will have content that showcases and analyses the impact of data on understanding consumers and how to create positive ROIs for clients and growing businesses. 

“We are excited to bring this summit to the market at a time where rapid developments in data and technology are causing shifts in consumer behaviors and content consumption,” said CVL Srinivas, WPP India Country Manager. “This summit will provide a learning experience for our agencies, partners, and brands; to enable further innovation, collaboration, and growth. By looking ahead to future challenges together, we can push for and create new successes for our industry and partners alike.”

The day will begin with various curated masterclasses probing WPP and partner concepts, products and capabilities. Through afternoon panel discussions, participants will explore how data can decode consumer insights, bridge the gap between commerce and e-commerce, execute effective audience planning as well as inspire creative designers, content creators and social media experts to remain relevant to audiences using data.

“The emerging Indian consumer is culturally rich and digitally savvy. They desire authenticity and are aspirational. They watch ‘Dhadak’, listen to Lady Gaga, debate politics - all while doing Drake’s Keke Challenge,” said Anas Ghazi, CEO of WPP’s Data Alliance. “Date with Data uncovers opportunities for us to leverage our arsenal of data-driven capabilities, helping brands demystify and connect with a complex audience, in a way that is real, lasting, and scalable”. 

WPP is the world leader in communications services. The Group provides a comprehensive range of services including digital, e-commerce and shopper marketing; advertising & media investment management; data investment management; public relations & public affairs; brand consulting; health & wellness communications; and specialist communications. For more information, visit www.wpp.com.

The Data Alliance is a WPP company that supports the Group's data business by enhancing access to data and data-driven marketing applications. The Data Alliance leverages a global network of expert leaders from across WPP in data investment management, analytics, CRM, media, and digital to prioritize what data is secured and how it is used. In support of operating companies, Data Alliance assists in internal and external data partnerships and connects WPP’s centers of excellence to address client data opportunities. For more information, visit www.dataalliance.com.

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