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A blush of Pink at Copa, Juhu

Choose from any mixes to lift your spirits

Choose from mixes like Smoothie Switch or Cotton Candy Cocktail to lift your spirits

Throughout the month of October, Copa offers pink cocktails and mocktails to spread the breast cancer awareness.Whether you prefer alcoholic or non- alcoholic drinks, the range of cocktails and mocktails is worth a try. Choose from mixes like Smoothie Switch or Cotton Candy Cocktail to lift your spirits.

Venue: Copa 
Address : Copa, Lanna Building,13th Road, Opposite Juhu Gymkhana, Next to Natural Ice cream, Juhu, Mumbai - 49.
Day: Ongoing
Contact: +91 91671 30253  , +91 9820667766

About Copa: Cheers! That’s how be begin everything at Copa. We’re talking celebration here, for anything, and sometimes for nothing. A drink just happens to be part of the equation. Otherwise, we wouldn't be true to our Spanish name. Copa: a glass (to raise a toast of course). And whether it’s Spain or any other part of the world, when the ‘Copa’ is raised, it’s time to drink up. So here’s to Copa! To high spirited beginnings, and conversations flowing over friendly food. 

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic, at Copa, the drinks are so interesting, they’re bound to create a buzz. Thanks to the element of surprise in every glass, there’s a thrill for even a teetotaler. From apple pie infused tea, to a ginger-spiked apple and pear muddle, and the revitalizing Cucumber Rosita – lemonade splashed over rosemary, cucumber, mint, and lime. Even the humble Nariyal Paani here is a treat so please don’t leave without trying it. The guzzlers too are going to be spoilt for choice with our cocktails. In fact, you can come back every day and still discover an interesting way to say cheers

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