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Books to Bollywood : Amit Khan,a Most sought Writer

Rights of his novels sold before it got published

Amit Khan from Books to beyond
The name Amit Khan needs no introduction today. He is a big name in the world of Hindi thriller novels. More than hundred novels written by him have been published so far. Not only that, his novels are now being published in English and Marathi by reputed publishing houses. Amit Khan is also very active in Bollywood. He has written many films and lot of episodes of television serials scripted by him have been telecasted so far. He is also doing Marathi films. 'Laal Ishq' produced by Sanjay Leela Bhansali Productions released recently was based on Amit Khan's story. 'Fifty-Fifty' produced by 'Manmohan Desai Productions' will be releasing soon. His writing achievements are far more diverse. Amit Khan has written a lot of Diamond Comics which have been published in Hindi, English and Bengali language. The biggest and most interesting news is film rights of two of his novels have recently been purchased by two producers. Rights of those novels which have not even been published yet! 

With more than 105 books written till now
How did this journey of writing begin?
Even I did not realize! I was 12 years old. I wrote a story based on life of American President George Washington and it got published. Since then writing and getting published became part of my life. It is still in progress. My first novel was published when I was 15 years old. So far total 105 novels have been out. I have also written many short stories. From English magazine Women's Era to Manohar Kahaniyaan and Navbharat Times, everywhere my stories have been published. 

Arbaaz Khan to play the lead role in the forthcoming
film title 'RED AFFAIR
What do you feel about films based on novels?
Today there are many writers in Bollywood but very few of them are good writers who are creating remarkable work. In a film, screenplay matters more than a story and I believe every story must have a USP. Based on that USP, the complete marketing strategy is designed. Crores of rupees are at stake on that. Many times the script is good but there is no USP. 'Films based on novels' is a new concept in Bollywood but this has been going on in Hollywood since a long time. Many of Gulshan Nanda's novels have been turned in to films earlier. Good films have been created based on Chetan Bhagat's novels too. I am being approached by producers with good offers. Two of my novels on which I was working, rights of those novels have been purchased even before publishing of those novels. One of them was purchased by Dhaval Gada (Pen India) and other was acquired by NRI businessman Pradeep Rangwani. Based on this latter novel, production of film has actually began. The title of that film is 'RED AFFAIR' and Arbaaz Khan is playing lead role in it.

Any other project?
Yes, I am also working on a comedy film for 'UV Films'. The film is titled- 'Suicide Circus'. It is my dream project. I want to cast Mr. Amitabh Bachchan in this film. As soon as I complete the script, he will be the first person approached.

Your identity is a Thriller Writer, then how come you are writing a Comedy Film?
I think if you are a sensible writer, then you can write any genre. I have also written many love stories which have been published and received good readership. I have also penned comedies. In fact 'Suicide Circus' is based on one of my short stories.  

Good! We have heard that you also have a You Tube channel.
Yes, indeed! "Amit Khan ki chaupaal" is the name of my You Tube Channel. It has recently started and already received wonderful response. On this channel you can find stories and poetry created by me and narrated in my voice. This channel is being handled by "P.K. Online" a big company. After starting this channel- "Amit Khan ki chaupaal", I have started receiving offers from radio channels. They want me to narrate my stories in a radio show just like 'Nilesh Mishra'. As soon as my deal with a radio channel is finalized, I will surely let you know. 

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