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Movement has just began, its all because few who could write and have written before though of using the social platform to fullest. Writing has the power to bring out the inherent dissent to a bigger platform
By a PR Professional

With the insurgency of the #MeToo movement has given a resurgence effect and created a mass explosion of explosive emotions which has brought the age-old adage of Voltaire thoughts “Writing is the painting of the Voice” to make us realize that empowerment is secondary, the primary being our own self-drive that needs to keep us going and giving us tailwinds. Today why is that only the people who has got a good hand in writing, seasoned writers like journalist and some of the communications professionals have voiced their grudges. Are we assuming only these girls and women’s have been tormented or subjected to #MeToo atrocities? There could be other victims, who haven’t brought out their infliction's, is this the reason that they can’t write to bring it public? or they aren’t social savvy? or don’t believe in being social savvy?

Truth of the same is that the ‘Writing on the wall’ voluntary has become more of the instinct which comes out when driven against the wall. Why is that we tend to write when our ass is on fire or when our ass is half-burnt? Why is that we don’t do a casual writing? so that we are ready when we actually have to write and why is that we don’t get inspiration to write casually without any inspiration or without any fuel. Why is that we lack imagination to write causally? Aren’t we our self is responsible for this lacunae that tends us to be more lax and un-prompt to our needs? Today bringing out your dissent through writing has given the people a sense of the magnitude of one self’s problem

Everyone in life has a purpose, that very much includes Communications professional, when it comes to work the necessity of purposes multi-fold. The absolutely vital key to good communication is the clear understanding of the purpose and revising its clarity on its very moment of the context. It should be stated in terms of reaction visualizing in a larger picture, the effect one wants to produce on the reader, listener, audience or the mass social media followers, to create a ripple effect which could be similar or as much as the same or very much nearer to our purpose. All provocative or influencing speech that can goad for actions needs a deep thought and well researched writing so that even a mere or a casual thought has a purpose and we need to oblige through all the necessary tools and techniques to fulfill the purpose.

Thus, persuasion, passion, consistency, persistence, eliciting an exclamation, clarification, justification, entertainment, shock and awe – all are legitimate and quite common goals of different kinds of business, letters and business mails, life-values, proposal writings , Political slogans  or political communication. Retrospect, revisit, think back and you will no doubt remember the experience of either making a convincing talk, sales pitch, a presentation or a speech at some time (or being at the receiving end of one) when of or the other of these responses would have applied. Putting across succinctly “As an experienced communication professional I would say that pre-planned structured talk, backed with well-researched on the domain, with specific facts and figures will empower the communicator to express his views and addressing the reaction of the audience is very easy and possible if one could keep aware of what’s happening and keeping track of the trending moves on a daily basis” says the byline author, Hemchandra Shetty, a PR professional who is been around for more nearly two decades.

So, responses define how a communication is shaped. It is generally believed that a good talk or essay mainly needs a gift of the gab, flair for expression, command of the language and word-smithy. While this is essential, there at least four things that are as important and need our attention before we think of finding the right words. One of them has already been dealt with, namely, defining the purpose as response. The other three are understanding the audience, finding a point of view; and finding the story-line.

Ability to write will fuel the feeling of the need , fueled by the cause to bring out the inherent voice, that could be powered by inspiration and support to make the society aware of your dissent
Understanding the audience with clarity is much the same as in drawing up an advertising copy or brief. It implies asking oneself all the questions about who the listener/reader is, what they want from the communication, what the state of their mind is likely to be, and so on. Basically, the more once can get under the skin or into the shoes of the audience, the better one’s empathy and, therefore, crafting a piece of writing.

Finding a point of view is to know one’s own stance on a particular subject. This will invariably affect the tone of voice one comes to adopt. Most of the time, a scholar or a journalist is expected to be neutral and be open to be surprised by the truth, whatever it might happen to be. But this is not always the case. If one is writing, for example, about child abuse, global warming, slave labor, caste discrimination or political corruption, it would be difficult to claim that one is neutral. One must clearly be aware of this position within oneself as it is bound to affect the way one marshals the argument and the information.

This article would also be informative and very important for students and for the people who intend to prepare for the IELTS (International English Language Testing System),OET (Occupational English Tests) , TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language)  or for that matter PTE (The Pearson Test of English Academic) writing tests or examinations. A writing is a self-driven initiative, just needs basic approach and the rest will follow on its own. Nearly all writing (or talk) involves dealing with something that happened to someone or will or might happen, and all the attendant detail – when, where, why, how and so on. It can describe something or narrate or discuss something, but nearly all the time there is a better way of telling- In other words, sequencing the words, so that the reader is hooked and kept on as if on a line, all the way to the end.

Best option to become an evolved writer is to read, techniques of writing, a google search leads to good number of pages, ranked appropriately. Read more on the topics and refer google news for the latest happening and trends. Look at the keywords, below each article, jot it down, you can use this word and make it as a keyword to be thrown up during the google searches. Look at their headline, sub-headline, slugs try relating this to the main story and conjure up the messages, also look images and captions too, you will get perspective of the author and his intent for this article and what exactly his purpose his.

Further to the same, don’t wait for inspiration, make this as a mechanical routine, just think, you have to write at least 250 words+ for breathing and living. Just think, your oxygen every day is minimum of 250 words, simple, any topic in the beginning, preference will follow on its own as you realize the purpose you intent to fulfill. Best step to become an evolved writer is to write when you have no inspiration, no purpose, force yourself to sit down and self-inspire to write. Begin making a skeleton of words your intent to fill, with title, topic for 1st para, 2nd para, 3rd Para and so on, don’t think of headline, last line or anything. Now restructure the para’s so that you have a flow, the readers feel continuous, creating a flow is not an art it is just to keep your passion or interests in writing flowing. Once you are assured of the flow, start writing each para, later in the end try giving a deft or a subtle message something like what would you lose if you don’t make the use of the messaging or major benefit that could boost your performance, that will make the reader fulfilled.

Vindictive writing will gain a bigger space on a much bigger platform as the sinned forms the larger chunk of the global audience which is growing at an alarming rate.
One simple discipline to ensure this after one has put the whole piece down into words is to run through it to see if every sentence naturally flows from the previous one or if the flow tends to be broken up. If one has arranged all these three in order – understanding the audience, point of view and story-line – then you will find that the piece more or less writes itself. All you then need to do is to hammer you keyboard or key pad and the draining the facts through it. In case of vocabulary usage or finding an appropriate word, there are lot of online dictionary and grammar tools are available in plenty. Once you feel that this piece is complete, kindly read again and re-read the same, the need for re-writing with more inputs will evolve, you will have to fulfill the same. Now you will have to read again in the reverse way so that you are sure nothing wrong has crept it. Now you have a clear idea of what the piece conveys, need be you can check online for images and pictures that can complete the article, write an appropriate caption for each of the pictures, captions have to re-written text from the above piece and should not go beyond 25 to 30 words. Now you can think of proper catchy headline which summarizes the whole article of yours, as the length should be more than 10 to 12 words, you can breakdown the same as the continuity of same as the sub-headline. Don’t put slugs as this will look more like a press release.

Amidst the topic of ignorance which will set to trod slowly, later start galloping as you do read more and do relevant research and obsession will keep you churning out more words and ideas and it will keep on re-generating as you re-fuel your Obsession. In case of vindictive writing anguish and revenge will fuel your passion for anger, you need a courage to pick up the pen and write, grit and strengthening your skin-thicker as echoes and reverberations are bound to be at the astounding decibel levels like #MeToo, the movement which is in the forefront to all the recall and flashing at the headlines. On this issue, Hemchandra Shetty further adds #Metoo is not just an empowerment but more of unlocking and unleashing the power of hidden resilience, here cogent writing is the major re-fueling tool".As India undergoes an apparent shift in culture, with issues such as the #MeToo movement gaining national attention and debate ranging across the direct and indirect topics of Indian scenario across the world, the author also sees  and expects an apparent pattern developing across the wide ranging inflicting topics and insurgence of latent respective victims.

Finally, after all the contents within the first draft  has been finished (inclusive of headline, sub-headline, appropriate captions for the chosen pics etc. ) there is almost no limit (besides one’s own time , persistence and patience) to how much one can improve and make it better by rearranging the flow, polishing, deleting, modifying, changing the words by referring the dictionary, adding some famous quotes and above all removing the non-essentials or something which doesn’t make any sense to the readers.

For a writer who has just began, got inspired, need to write to vent out some anger or nursing their aspirations to start writing, I suggest to cut and paste this famous quote by a well-known Management Professional and thinker, a pioneer in sports ranking, late Mark H. Mc Cormack “We are best when we are doing our best. And to one’s best, it can be never be good enough to strive for 50% or 75%“. Surely for a beginner it would take some time, however 2 to 3 published articles would give an enough confidence to set the impetus extend to maximum.

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