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Uttarakhand's Mahotsav 'Kauthig 2018' at its 11th year gets inaugurated

Expecting around 1,50,000 Uttarakhandi youth

11th Edition of Uttarakhand Cultural Mahotsav “Kauthig 2018” inaugurated in Navi Mumbai
Uttarakhand cultural Mahotsav `Kauthig 2018’, the 10 days long PAHADI community festival was inaugurated by  Mr Madhavnand Bhatt, a renowned Uttarakhandi business tycoon,  at the  Nerul’s Ramleela Maidan in Navi Mumbai.  The colourful cultural festival that is organized by Kauthig Foundation with an aim to promote, preserve Pahadi customs and unite Uttarakhandi Paravsi people,  began with traditional “Nanda Devi Raaj Jaat Yatra”, Aarti and Mandan.

The mega festival that is going into its 11th year showcases not only the unique cultural nuances of Uttarakhand but also prominently highlights the growing problem of migration from the hill villages, for which the grand replica of Pahadi house in traditional style has been erected with the theme of “Gaon Ko Savare” to remind and encourage Parvasi families in Mumbai region to take care of their ancestral heritage.The event also has a health camp, matrimonial registration desk and Uttarakhandi handicrafts, products, traditional foods and fruit drinks stalls among others

Shri Hira Singh Bhakuni, President, Kauthig Foundation said, “Kauthig is the largest community festival of Uttarakhand which has been successfully bringing the pahari youth in Mumbai closer to their culture and roots. Being away from our homeland, many of our youngsters now a day’s do not know much about Pahari tradition and community.  This festival every year tries to bridge this gap and encourages them to appreciate their Pahari art, culture and customs. The core purpose of Kauthig Foundation is to have a creative and inclusive PAHADI Community. We want to build a strong PAHADI Community Identity, Nurture, Preserve, Protect and Promote PAHADI Values, Art, Culture, Food, Handicraft Products and Heritage. Uttarakhand is known for Peace Loving and Law-Abiding people who are Honest, Disciplined, Hardworking, Humble, Respectful, Patriotic, Purist and Trustworthy. We shall continue to nurture and instil these values among youth and new generation”
Kauthig Foundation also provides a perfect launch pad and platform for budding artists to nurture & showcase their talent. Over the last 11 years, the Foundation has given an opportunity to over 2000 Pahadi artists to perform in Mumbai at its largest community festival “Kauthig” which is well attended by over 1.5 lakh people every year
Over 200 artists from the state known for its rich culture are performing in several forms such as dance sequences, dramas using traditional pahadi instruments like Dor-Thakuli, Dhol-damau, Ransinga, Bhankor, Mochhang, Conch, Bell and Flute, among others. Several prominent personalities from different walks of life belonging to the northern hill state and Maharashtra are expected to grace the festival that aims to bring together the `Pahari’ people living in Mumbai and its environs. The event is expected to be attended by over 1,50,000 people, especially by the Uttarakhandi youth.

Kauthig Foundation was established in 2012 with an aim to connect Uttarakhandi people living in Mumbai and its environ with each other. The Foundation every year conducts several community building activities to provide Uttarakhand's a platform and opportunity for bonding and bridging the cultural gap. It organizes “Kauthig” the largest community festival of Uttarakhand which tries to bring the Pahari youth in Mumbai closer to their culture and roots. Being away from the homeland, many of our youngsters now days do not know much about Pahari tradition and community.  The 10 days long festival bridges the gap by bringing different aspects of Uttarakhand’s unique culture. It encourages our youth to appreciate their PAHADI art, culture, customs and helps them connect with their homeland Uttarakhand.

Apart from organizing Kauthig Cultural Festival, the Foundation also organizes sports activities such as “Uttarakhand Premier League” (UPL) to encourage the youth to take up the sports activities and provide a strategic platform to unite the Pahadi’s and connect with the young generation. Last year in 2017 Kauthik Foundation also launched 1st Women UPL Cricket Tournament to bring the women forward, help them grow in confidence and showcase their talent. Since 2012, over 400 Pahadi youth have been participating in UPL each year.

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