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Malaika Arora to share her fitness secret through Diva Yoga

Exceed Entertainment’s exclusive artist Malaika Arora to venture into fitness business with Zorba

 Malaika Arora is, without doubt, one of the fittest and hottest in Bollywood
India’s leading Celebrity Management and Entertainment marketing company Exceed Entertainment has engaged one of their exclusive artists Malaika Arora with an interesting fitness led proposition in association with Zorba-India’s happiest chain of Yoga Studios.

The increasing awareness of fitness amongst women is the new welcome change in the country. Yet, the word “fit” has multiple dimensions.  A woman is a natural multitasker, and it is imperative for her to stay energetic and active in terms of both mind and body. How does a woman ensure that she is mindfully fit?

Malaika Arora and Zorba have come together to answer this question through a meticulously planned, 360-degree fitness solution called Diva Yoga by Malaika Arora. “Endorsing a fit lifestyle doesn't come easy but once it is ingrained in you, the benefits are numerous. Fitness has certainly helped me become more active, mindful and peaceful in life. I can multitask and straddle the various roles- that of an artist, mother, a businesswoman with more focus and deliver better. Taking off from the thought of making fitness accessible to the woman of today, Zorba and I have come together to form Diva Yoga."

"Diva Yoga by Malaika Arora is an elite yoga studio that transforms women into invincible Divas who embrace happiness and peace through a healthy physique, strong mind and energetic soul thus making them the Mindful Diva!” says the Diva herself.

The first studio of Diva Yoga is expected to start its operations in Mumbai in the next three months and envisions the setting up of six to eight studios by the end of the year. Another interesting fact about Diva Yoga by Malaika Arora is that the brand is very likely to start its operations in the International space right after its commencement in India.

“Malaika is one of the fittest artists in the Indian television and cinema-scape. Her fitness content goes viral in a wink. With her impeccable style and distinctive persona, no denying that she is the undisputed Diva of the industry as well. So there can't a better evangelist than her for Diva Yoga.This is a clearly well thought out strategy where her entrepreneurial ventures compliment her lifestyle which in turn is the key to any collaboration to be successful. Seems like it’s going to be an extremely busy 2018 for Malaika”- Says Afsar Zaidi, Founder, Exceed Entertainment.

Interestingly, the founders have also planned to start a food kiosk within the studio and supplementary services that are inclusive of the fee paid. The price point of the classes at Diva Yoga is expected to fall between INR 30,000 – INR 40,000 per quarter.

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