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Scientific Reports of UK publishes Jain Irrigation's Agri-Biotech R&D Lab's Research Work

Report from Nature's Publishing Group, London will pave way in improving the productivity of Banana Plants

Jain Irrigation's Agri-Biotech R&D Lab's Research Work Published in Highly Respected Scientific Reports from ' Nature Publising Group, London, UK'.

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd. (JISL) Agri-Biotech R&D Group’s research paper on banana entitled “ Flowering time in Banana (Musa spp.), a day neutral plant, is controlled by at least three FLOWERING LOCUS T homologues ” has been published in highly respected scientific reports of UK 

Banana is the world’s largest fruit crop with an annual global production of around 140 million MT.  India is the world’s largest banana producer with an annual production of over 30 million MT from approximately 0.8 million hectare, generating livelihood for millions of farmers.

JISL has played a vital role in bringing advanced technologies to farmers and selling more than 70 million tissue cultured banana plants with micro irrigation system to the farmers every year.  To complete the agri-value chain, JISL also buys back significant quantities of banana from the farmers for export as well as processing.

The research work will go a long way in improving the productivity and the quality of banana plants.

About Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.

Jain Irrigation Systems Limited (JISL) [NSE: JISLJALEQS, BSE: 500219] is an Indian multinational with manufacturing plants in 30 locations worldwide, more than 10,500 associates and revenue of USD 1 Billion.  JISL and its with it’s motto ‘Small Ideas, Big Revolutions’ with subsidiaries and associates are engaged in providing solutions in agriculture, piping, infrastructure through manufacturing of Micro Irrigation Systems, PVC Pipes, HDPE Pipes, Plastic Sheets, Agro Processed Products, Renewable Energy Solutions, Tissue Culture Plants, Financial Services and other agricultural inputs for over 34 years. It has pioneered a silent revolution with modern irrigation systems and innovative technologies and has helped get significant increase in crop yields, especially for more than 6 million small farmers. 

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