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Skybox Security Boosts Cloud Security Visibility With Microsoft Azure Virtual Network Integration

~New integration improves network visualization and the assessment of security controls in the public and private cloud~

Skybox™ Security, a global leader in cybersecurity operations, analytics and reporting, announced today new interoperability with Microsoft Azure Virtual Network (VNet), enabling customers to gain security visibility into virtualized networks created in the Azure Cloud.

The Skybox™ Security Suite easily integrates with Azure VNet, incorporating the virtual environment in its network model to provide normalized visibility and access simulation capabilities across public, private and hybrid IT networks. This capability improves configuration security and enables security teams to quickly understand Azure’s role in the integrity of an entire network.

“We’ve reached the tipping point for cloud with more than 60 percent of organizations now pursuing a hybrid IT approach. Cloud security, however, remains a challenge for most,” said Skybox VP of Products Ravid Circus.

According to the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), one of the top threats to companies in cloud environments is the risk of exploited system vulnerabilities.

“The only way to effectively prioritize those vulnerabilities is by having visibility of the organization’s entire attack surface, regardless of the environment,” Circus explained. “And, you need context. We not only show how the virtualized network contributes to an organization’s attack surface, we give the context needed to understand where potentially exploitable vulnerabilities exist.” 

Skybox automatically integrates Azure VNet data into the network model, including gateway routing, VPN connections, subnets, hosts and security groups. Through one normalized view, security teams can analyze network access paths, both north-south (into and out of the data center) and east-west (within it). This improves access troubleshooting and understanding of potential attack paths.

Skybox previously announced integrations with Amazon Web Services and VMware NSX. The addition of support for the Microsoft Azure Virtual Network provides even more visibility into virtualized networks strengthening the hybrid network security management capabilities of the Skybox Security Suite.

Learn more about Skybox and Microsoft Azure interoperability at www.skyboxsecurity.com.
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About Skybox Security
Skybox Security™ arms security professionals with the broadest platform of solutions for security operations, analytics and reporting. By integrating with more than 100 networking and security technologies organizations are already, the Skybox™ Security Suite merges data silos into a dynamic network model of your organization’s attack surface, giving comprehensive visibility of public, private and hybrid IT environments. Skybox provides the context needed for informed action, combining attack vector analytics and threat-centric vulnerability intelligence to continuously assess vulnerabilities in your environment and correlate them with exploits in the wild. This makes the accurate prioritization and mitigation of imminent threats a systematic process, decreasing the attack surface and enabling swift response to exposures that truly put your organization at risk. Our award-winning solutions in vulnerability and threat management, automated firewall and security policy management and attack surface visibility increase operational efficiency by as much as 90 percent and are used by the world’s most security-conscious enterprises and government agencies, including Forbes Global 2000 companies.

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