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Autism is not a disease, it is a disorder

~“What Moms Need To Know”~

“It is seen that 1 to 3 percent of the children who are autistic are between ages two and nine in India” Says Mrs. Anupama Maruvada, Child Behavior Specialist associated with Himalaya BabyCare. It is a common disorder that is seen amongst 1 in every 60 children today, which was at a ratio of 1 in 110 few years back. 

The Big ‘A’ of Autism:
A neurological condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.” is what technically a neurologist would say autism is. But to put it in simple terms “The cells of the brain are talking too much. 

“Autism is not yet common in India”
Autism is not a common word heard in Indian homes, which doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist. However, over time it is seen that a larger interest in science has revealed that autism is a cause of a “GAP in the Mind cells” and a large number of doctors and self- help NGO’s look at amendments and policies that would bring these children into main stream, as well as, educate parents. An integrated holistic cognitive behavior therapy with educational approach can give us best results in functionally reversing Autism through Early intervention.   

“Autism warrants immediate attention”
A mother spends 9 months and the years ahead with a child. From the first word to the first walk. Mothers spend all their time figuring out their young precious ones and even a slight change can turn a mother’s world upside down.
Autism begins with unusual ways of relating to people, communication with the world as early as 6 - 9 months old. Children with Autism may / may not like to play or do anything that involves movement and social interactions. Even if they appear to play, it lacks interaction.
Doctors have to detect these amongst children as a warning sign and guide parents through ways to control and manage these symptoms, and refer them to a professional before they become un-detectable and un- treatable. Doctors shouldn’t take lethargic approach in such cases.

“A re-wire of the Autistic brain”
Autistic children may be dull or hyperactive, keeps to themselves by singing the same song again and again or repeating same phrase or sound. Picks up a colorful piece of toy and leave it on the bed and brings it back to the table and repeats the same.  If left with a bunch of children, the autistic child can be seen screaming, pulling down books and pushing toys due to the constant chatter in the child’s brain. They prefer not to talk, sit in one isolated place where they are not required to mingle.
Early Intervention and Behavioral Therapy can reverse the symptoms of autism to a greater extent. Early intervention is to do with being aware about Autism. Behavioral therapy comprises of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), which helps in functionally reverse  Autism and Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), which helps in severe cases of Autism to teach daily living skills.

“Autism can be reversed” 
Children run around and climb trees, fall down and hurt themselves.  But the first person that comes to their mind is their mother. The same way, good health of a child is first on the priority list of a mother
Mothers would always want to know what is happening with their child and see them happy all the time. Through these few therapies and consulting the right doctor at the right time, a mother can ‘Undo the condition.”
At CBT 2, I have developed programs (Infant Brain Stimulation and BMSI Program) to help with functionally reverse Autism and has been successful 99% in achieving the success. 

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