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A Great Year for Creativity

"MELANGE" INIFD Bandra Annual College fest spearheaded by Mr. Vivek Dhawan & Disha Dhawan Tripathi  of INIFD Bandra (Inter National Institute of Fashion Designing)

Vivek Dhawan with Disha Dhawan Tripathi at INIFD
The venue got a colorful facelift, creativity and energy of thousands of student artists spilled over across grounds. There was a display of creative art work in all its form by the students of INIFD Bandra at "MELANGE".

The word "MELANGE" which is defined as "a varied mixture" is exactly what the students aimed to present. The quality of work on display was credit to the hard work and dedication students showcased eg- Creating Five Continents, Creative Sculptors etc.

They showcased South America Culture through-- Carnivals of Brazil, Showcasing 35 facts of Brazil,  Country flag  made through woolen thread, dress made through newspaper, Decor done through bottles and light, Celebrity portray South America on Wooden cardboard, favourite game Football made In 3D effect

The students had also put in display Winter World Antarctica by building a Polla bear 5'5 feet, Painting made from charcoal etc. Europe Culture was displayed through Cycle, Street Light, Travel Bag,  Dance Form, Cross Stitch etc.

Vivek Dhawan says "We put creative art to work, helping young people develop the personal and professional skills to meaningfully shape their futures for the better. Creativity allows them to express and trust themselves. It builds a spirit of inquiry and exploration. Participants come away loving art, loving learning, and realizing they’re powerful & talented beyond measure"

Disha Dhawan Tripathi says "The fest is an opportunity to teach valuable, technical and developmental skills while creating profound connections between them & their art. It’s part of their step into the professional world. It’s part of the experience of being an exhibiting, practicing artist. They’re installing their own work — it’s part of their professional experience which will help them in their future"

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