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Suniel Shetty getting trained from Prithipal Singh Bedi for his film Desi Kattey

                            Aiming for the perfect shot

Setting target for perfect shot, Suniel Shetty flanked by Prithipal Singh Bedi  & Anand Kumar
Suniel Shetty came to Daddar Veer Sawarkar shooting range to get training from coach Prithipal Singh Bedi who came to Mumbai specially to coach the actor. Suniel Shetty was happy and nervous both as he was learning the tips of shooting for the first time. 

Suniel Shetty practising the shot

Anand Kumar, who had directed the Sanjay Dutt-Vivek Oberoi starrer, Zila Ghaziabad, has set up his own production house, Anand Kumar Productions. The first film to come out of his stable will be Desi Kattey, a drama set in a small town near Kanpur, and is about two boys who work in a katta (desi gun) factory. "Both the boys are sharpshooters who are trained by a pistol shooting coach played by Suniel ShettyThe boys (one becomes a criminal and the other a national sharpshooter) will be played by two-star kids, but I cannot reveal their names as their families want to announce them in a big way.

Anand, Suniel Shetty & Prithipal Bedi
The film will be shot in Mumbai, Delhi and Kanpur," said Kumar who will be going on floor with the project in the first week of October. The gun used in James Bond film will be used in this film. Prithipal Singh Bedi told us that Suniel is fit and sports person so he will not take more time to get a perfect look as a coach in the film.

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