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Pidge Grows Hybrid Delivery Partner Network By 200% in Two Months

Digital Equality: Pidge Empowers Unorganized Logistics Providers Through Pidge Partner Network (PPN)

Ratnesh Verma, Founder and CEO of Pidge,ONDC, PPN, Pidge Partner Network, Last Mile Delivery
Pidge’s impressive growth, commitment to digital inclusiveness, and innovative logistics solutions adds Ratnesh Verma, founder and CEO of Pidge

Pidge, a leading logistics technology company, has announced a significant expansion of its hybrid and interoperable delivery partner network, named Pidge Powered Network, with an astounding 200% growth in just two months – a remarkable milestone in its journey.

Since December 2023, Pidge has successfully onboarded over 125 delivery partners, almost tripling its network size in the first six weeks of this year. This expansion has allowed Pidge to both enhance its last-mile delivery capabilities and extend its reach to more businesses and consumers, now serving over 1300 pin codes nationwide.

Pidge’s hybrid platform comprises large-scale national delivery companies, local courier companies, as well as businesses that manage their own riders.

These delivery companies and businesses with their own riders, especially those lacking any kind of logistics digitization, can now participate as digital equals with the help of Pidge’s accessible, mobile-first technology. Pidge’s AI-powered Smart Allocation allows businesses to define their needs and access best-fit delivery options to seamlessly deliver through 1PL (first-party logistics), 2PL (second-party logistics), or 3PL (third-party logistics) networks.

Pidge is committed to bridging the digital gap for local, unorganized delivery providers. The Pidge Partner Network (PPN) is pivotal in empowering organized and unorganized third-party logistics providers. Being on PPN enables these providers to gain visibility and access a vast pool of businesses seeking reliable delivery partners. Through the PPN, these providers can also effortlessly integrate into the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) without investing in developing their technology infrastructure.

“Over 87% of third-party logistics services across India are unorganized and digitally deprived, and we are committed to bringing digital inclusiveness and parity. We are also committed to accelerating the adoption of ONDC by bringing more delivery options on-network,” said Ratnesh Verma, founder and CEO of Pidge.

With its rapid expansion and commitment to building digital parity, Pidge continues to revolutionize the logistics landscape in India, driving efficiency, reliability, and accessibility in last-mile delivery services.

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