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How a Kitchen Chimney Saved a Family of Six from a Deadly Fire

 The Miracle of a Wall-Mounted Kitchen Chimney: A True Story of Survival and Health

The whole family had only one hope left, their wall-mounted kitchen chimney's powerful suction system that could filter out the smoke and fumes

A crying senior citizen survivor from this unfortunate and unbelievable incident, with his hands folded and pointed upwards thanking the almighty profusely revealed this true story, which depicts the power of God, the all-time savior, and the almighty direction of taking the right decision even for an appropriate home purchase.

Always remember the kitchen in our house is also a sacred place of your home and here is the case where the wall-mounted kitchen Chimney was truly a savior.

It was a sunny afternoon in December 2023, when a fire broke out in the kitchen of a small apartment in Thane, Maharashtra. A family of six, including two ailing grandparents, a son, a wife, and two grandchildren, were trapped inside the smoke-filled room, gasping for air and screaming for help. The neighbors rushed to the scene, but the flames were too high and the door was locked. They called the fire brigade, hoping for a miracle.

Meanwhile, the family had only one hope left: their wall-mounted kitchen chimney. They had bought it a few months ago, after reading about its health benefits and safety features. The chimney had a powerful suction system that could filter out the smoke and fumes, and a fire-resistant body that could withstand high temperatures. The family huddled under the Hindware Smart Appliances Nadia IN 90 cm Wall-mounted Kitchen chimney, praying for their lives.

Hindware Smart Appliances Nadia IN 90 cm 1500 m³/hr Stylish Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Metallic Oil Collector, Motion Sensor & Touch Control For Easy Operation (Curved Glass, Black)

The fire brigade arrived in time and managed to break down the door and rescue the family. They were amazed to see that the chimney had saved them from suffocation and burns. They praised the family for their smart choice and explained how the chimney was not only a lifesaver but also a health booster. They said that the chimney could prevent respiratory problems, lung infections, and allergies, by keeping the air clean and fresh. They also said that the chimney was a worthy investment, as it could save money on electricity, gas, and maintenance.

The family was grateful to the fire brigade and the chimney for their survival. They hugged each other and thanked God for their second chance. They vowed to spread the word about the chimney and its benefits and to buy more quality products for their home. They realized that life was precious and fragile and that they should never compromise on their health and safety.

A celebrity working as a TV actor who stays in the nearby premium apartment, name withheld, however for the benefit of the readers and for her utility experience considering her loyalty and steps to safeguard her family shares  her view “ I'm a user of Hindware Smart Appliances Nadia IN 90 cm 1500 m³/hr Stylish Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With Metallic Oil Collector, Motion Sensor & Touch Control For Easy Operation (Curved Glass, Black). In India, we usually have the platforms built adjacent to the walls. Which makes the wall-mounted chimney very popular in India. the kitchen becomes smoke-free as it sucks the air which is later passed through a filter. A normal Ventilator is not enough for any kitchen.  We Indians prefer mostly the regular tadka and recipes that need deep frying edibles, hence the odor and oil-laded smoke remain and float in the kitchen for a long time, which also leads to staining the walls of the kitchen despite being ventilated. The only way is to force such oil-laded air outside the kitchen. Here the chimney becomes a savior as the filter also absorbs the heat and traps the grease particles, removing fumes and odour and ventilates your kitchen more keeping it fresh and odour-free. Normal Ventilation is not enough, as residue in any form from the  tadka and  deep frying odor remain in the kitchen for a long time staining the walls and other pieces of equipment”

The basic purpose of installing a chimney is to extract all oily vapor flames & gas which are by-products of cooking and save our family  from inhaling them & as a result, the surrounding temperature drops making it more bearable for the person standing next to the cooktop while cooking.

As the name suggests, a wall-mounted chimney is attached to the wall just above the stove. It gives a modern look to the kitchen; the hood is available in a pyramidal shape or a sleek straight-line design. A built-in chimney is the most suitable for small and compact kitchens because it saves space.

Ragini Malhari, a health-conscious sports celebrity coach who believes in breathing pure and unadulterated air recommends a good wall-mounted kitchen for everyone. She also believes living in a purified environment helps in inhaling oxygen-rich air which also aids in good metabolism. On asked about the utility of wall mounted kitchen chimney she commented “My latest wall-mounted kitchen  Chimney is Faber60cm 6-way Silent Suction,1250m3/hr, Autoclean Chimney, 12Yr Warranty on Motor(2Yr Comprehensive) Autoclean Alarm is wall mounted, it is useful as its suction is with fast speed and it gives the best result, if the rainy season is there we cannot open the kitchen window, no smoke, smell while cooking if a chimney is there, its suction very fast. A ventilated kitchen does not give this result. No oil mark comes on the wall due to the chimney, kitchen looks beautiful every time. A beautiful kitchen makes feel good to make good food."

A nice wall-mounted kitchen is recommended for everyone by health-conscious sports celebrity coach Ragini Malhari, who believes in inhaling pure and unadulterated air. She also thinks that breathing oxygen-rich air, which promotes a healthy metabolism, is facilitated by living in a purified atmosphere. When asked if wall-mounted kitchen chimneys are useful, she responded, "My latest wall-mounted kitchen.  A wall-mounted chimney is helpful because it produces the greatest results and has a quick suction. During the rainy season, we are unable to open the kitchen window, and a chimney ensures that there is no smoke or odor when cooking. This is not what a ventilated kitchen produces. The kitchen always looks great because the chimney doesn't leave any oil stains on the wall. A lovely kitchen evokes a lovely family ambiance and encourages us to serve tasty cooked foods.”

In today’s modern era, a good chimney is a MUST part of your kitchen and if you see European/American culture they all have chimneys as mandatory fixtures in the kitchen while ventilation especially cross ventilation can be harmful as we don’t do ashes cooking like ancient times !!

We were also keen to have the views of an Interior decorator Ms. Malini Paranjpe, an Electrical engineer by profession, as we believe this would also complete our story for the reader's benefit. On questioning her about the purpose and advantage of having a wall-mounted chimney, she said  A wall-mounted chimney, also known as a range hood, serves several purposes in a kitchen. It helps to remove smoke, grease, odors, and heat generated from cooking, which can improve the air quality in the kitchen and throughout the home. This can be particularly beneficial when cooking with high heat or frying, as it helps to prevent the buildup of grease and odors. Additionally, a wall-mounted chimney can contribute to a cleaner kitchen environment by reducing the amount of airborne grease and particles that settle on surfaces.

Among the other points she shared, she concluded by saying “Wall mounted chimney also complements on a well-ventilated kitchen,  Overall, it can enhance the cooking experience and contribute to a healthier and more pleasant kitchen environment.”

Is a wall-mounted chimney good? We queried a kitchen gadget technician, and he replied “Equipped with effective suction power: Wall-mounted chimneys like Hindware Atlanta 90 cm 1350 m³/hr Filterless Auto-Clean Kitchen Chimney With MaxX Silence Technology, Motion Sensor (32% Less Noise, Touch Control, Black) offer powerful suction capabilities, effectively eliminating smoke, fumes, and odors from your kitchen. Design options: They come in various designs, finishes, and sizes, allowing you to choose one that complements your kitchen decor.”

Make your choices, your family and your life matters to everyone. As the proverb has been rightly passed on from generation to generation prevention is better than precautions. Hence buying the wall-mounted kitchen will help you and the family in the long term

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