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Terence Cardoz is a brand name in International film tourism

Global player in enhancing investments, creating jobs, and boosting the economy through film tourism 

Terence Cardoz, Managing Director, Divine Holiday Management
Terence Cardoz, Managing Director of Divine Holiday Management and Divine Line Productions

Terence Cardoz, Managing Director of Divine Holiday Management and Divine Line Productions, who is well-connected in Hollywood and the global film circuit and has worked with leaders and successful film producers, shares his perspective from the top film producers and motion picture bodies, “We are International Line Producers and work very closely with Worldwide Film Commissions, Tourism Boards, Government Authorities, Embassies, Consulates, and Airlines to support production houses for Film shoots to any destination in the world. We assist production houses with accommodation, logistics, permissions, equipment, junior artists, and crew during the shoot. We also assist and ensure incentives and government subsidies in many international destinations”

We asked Terence how is Film Tourism different from normal filming and Tourism that he replied “That is what makes me different from others in the field. As companies involved in tourism have no experience in filming nor do production houses having experience in filming have any experience in tourism or contact with tourism or government officials. I on the other hand have high-level contacts and experience in both fields. Film tourism not only enhances tourism in any destination but also enhances investment, and trade creates jobs, and plays a very important part in contributing to the economy for any country”.

Divine Line Productions has already confirmed several Indian, Hollywood and other international film projects to be shot in several international destinations. The company has recently finished a Russian Documentary shoot in Maharashtra, India.

Known for sharing his experience, Terence also added, "Generally, when production houses want to shoot in any one country, it is okay as they know which line producer to work within that particular country." But when they want to shoot in 3 to 5 or more countries, then they have to find multiple line producers. I am fortunate to be the only line producer in the world that can assist with filming in more than 40 countries, as I am strongly and personally connected with tourism boards and film commissions worldwide".

Terence Cardoz, also known as Terry in the Indian and international film industry, is well-known for his film production management. With the recent exposure of his talent and the huge success of his motion production ‘KARMA the Movie' a Filipino English movie, that won awards at many international film festivals. He is absolutely thrilled and delighted because it had created a larger destination market for his company, popularly known as Divine Holiday management & Divine Line Productions in the global film circuit, thereby also providing an impetus to the international film production unit. 

Global film output is growing exponentially at an annual pace of 80.5 percent, giving greater growth potential through increased data consumption, thanks to the expansion of numerous routes such as OTT, satellites, and promotional rights. In 2021, global box office revenue is predicted to reach $21.3 billion, up from $11.8 billion the previous year, representing an increase of 80.5 percent year on year. Working with renowned film producers all over the world, Divine Line Productions has made a significant contribution, and its success rate with each film has been undeniable.

Terence's success in Hollywood and around the world can be seen and quantified by the numerous international awards he received for Karma, his first film, which established a precedent for him. With his background in film Line producing and the popularity of Karma, he has taken the risk of pursuing his passion of creating a large-scale web series. He's more confident than he's ever been, on that initiative he's now producing ALT ONE, a Hollywood web series that will be shot in numerous international locations.

Terence Cardoz with Cyprus film commission Mr Lefteris S. Eleftheriou

Terence Cardoz with Cyprus film commission Mr. Lefteris S. Eleftheriou 
during his official tour to Mumbai

During our interview when asked about any latest destination that he would like to propose for film tourism he said “Last week I had the opportunity meet the Director and the head of Cyprus film commission Mr. Lefteris S. Eleftheriou in Mumbai. He proposed an incentive of 40% for filming in Cyprus, which includes an above-the-line incentive that means that Filmmakers will get back 40% of the fees that have been paid to the Film director, Star cast, etc. Of course, the film project has to undergo a culture test by the film commission “. Terence has also been instrumental in coordinating a major Bollywood film award ceremony in Cyprus. Unfortunately due to certain logistics issues, the award ceremony was diverted to another destination. Similarly, Terence is now looking at some Niche destinations for film tourism that is still unexplored by Bollywood, Hollywood, and other international film industry. 

More gems are added to his crown as beauty queens take center stage, Terence has his pie in international pageant events too, as he is also connected with Glamour Faces for the Finale of Glamour Faces Miss World 2022 to be held this year in Mallorca, Spain. Participants from more than 40 countries are expected to compete in this international beauty pageant contest. Terence is also one of the organizers and international judges for this beauty pageant.

On the felicitation front, Divine Holiday Management was one of the winners of the Go Global Awards 2021, which were held in the United States last year and comprised 6900 travel agencies from all around the world.

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