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Social Gaming Startup Eloelo Crosses 2 Million Users in 1 year

And has onboarded over 20,000 Creators on the platform

Eloelo, a live streaming, and social gaming app, today crossed 2 million users; the app was launched in September 2020 by ex-Flipkart executives Saurabh Pandey & Akshay Dubey. Eloelo uses first-of-its-kind technology to embed indigenous games inside a live video chat room, thus making it stand apart from other live streaming platforms. Eloelo combines Live streaming with Social games that are very local to India (Tambola, Tol Mol Ke Bol, Chidiya Udd, etc.). All the live sessions on the app are in Hindi, and creators host from the comfort of their homes, recreating a TV-like experience digitally for their fans & followers.

Saurabh Pandey, Founder and CEO of Eloelo

Eloelo re-imagines creators as live show anchors where they host games like Tambola, Tol Mol Ke Bol, Chidiya Udd, and more & showcase their talent live. We believe the future of entertainment is Live & interactive. Indigenous entertainment combined with gaming is a great way for Creators to connect with the audiences of Bharat & we are just getting started,” says Saurabh Pandey, Founder & CEO of Eloelo.

The App also recently launched a new Multi-video feature called “Stage”, where users can request to join a Live Video and be a co-host along with the Creator. Saurabh adds, “Live multi-video takes real-time creator-fan engagement to the next level. Users can request to be a part of the Live Video call and chat, play games with their favorite Hosts. It is almost like being a part of a Live TV game show.”

As per a KPMG report, the pandemic was a tipping point for online gaming in India, with 433 million users playing games online in FY21. Also, the creators’ economy is buzzing with growth as more creators join existing influencers & discover new means of fan engagement where Eloelo has an advantage since it allows creators to host live games for their fans. Creators on the app can choose games they would like to Host, and the app adds a chat layer on top of the Livestream for them to engage live with their audience. 

Eloelo has raised $2.5 Mn to date with Waterbridge Ventures, Better Capital & Lumikai as prominent investors. The App was recently chosen as one of the 16 homegrown startups out of 700 Applications by Google as part of its Accelerator program. It has already onboarded over 20,000 Creators on the platform.

The company is strongly positioning the app as the “Bharat Metaverse”, where Creators host Live Games & experiences for their fans and is investing in AR Filters, more tools for Creators. With more than 12 Games on the App, the company believes it is quite uniquely positioned to be a leader in the Live social gaming space.

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