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Izhaar of Urdu gets enriched among cheering Mushirs at Pasbaan-e-Adab

Urdu veteran Irshad Kamil with organiser Quaiser Khalid IPS Officer, also passionate poet and other poets recited their Mushairas at Pasbaan-e-Adab’s , Izhaar-the International Festival of Poetry – An festival to encourage the literature and  the culture of India.

Quaiser-Khalid-Pasbaan-adab-Irshad-Kamil-mushaira-shayar-shair-poetry-Laxman-Wahid-Qamar-Siddique-Alok-Shrivastava-RaqsO-Nagma-Dastaangoi-Dastan-e-Mahabharata-Kavita Seth-Farhan Wasti-Urdu
Irshad Kamil and Quaiser Khalid, with other poets at Izhaar the International Film Festival of Poetry 2019
Organised by Mr. Quaiser Khalid, an IPS officer, Pasbaan-e-Adab marked it’s 11th edition of Izhaar, the International Festival of Poetry in Nehru Centre, Mumbai on Saturday, 24th August, 2019. 

In today’s day and time of remixes and raps, where youth is completely detached from the literature, Pasbaan-e-Adab is one of its own kind of festival that helps to protect the culture and values of literature for the youth.

The festival started with a forum ‘Open Mic’, which was an initiative to encourage young poets for presenting their original works, where teams of 20 colleges from the country were registered for this event. The teams were joined by college faculty and other students. The poems read in the session was judged by the jury that included Dr. Laxman Sharma Wahid, Dr. Qamar Siddique and Mr. Alok Shrivastava. The best 3 compositions were awarded by LIC.

Post this, ‘Raqs O Nagma’ was held which was a unique fusion of a Kathak performance on urdu poetry followed by our ancient and highly acclaimed form of storytelling 'Dastaangoi' in which 'Dastan-e-Mahabharata' (Legend of Mahabharata) narrated by young story tellers in Urdu.

The last session was the main highlight of the evening enthralling Mushairas by the great poets including Irshad Kamil, who recited their poems. Besides them, other poets such as Shamim, Athar Shakeel, Ranjit Singh Chauhan, Shariq Sahai, Madan Mohan Danish, Manish Shukla, Dr. Laxman Sharma, Rafiya Shabnam Abidi, Ijaz Asad, Dr. Zakir and Qamar Siddiqui also joined the panel. Quaiser Khalid – IPS officer – Poet by Passion also recited an interesting kalams – Poems of his own

Lyrisict and Urdu poet Irshad Kamil says, “I am very happy for Pasbaan-e-Adab, Izhaar - the International Festival of Poetry. They are doing a great job as this stage is giving fame and opportunity to new poets. We have seen the Open Mic, Raqs-o Nagma and Dastaangoi, followed by Mushaira, which was very exciting. I think this day should be known as the literary day in Mumbai. Whenever Pasbaan-e-Adab does anything for the literature, it’s always on a big platform.”

Quaiser-Khalid-Pasbaan-adab-Irshad-Kamil-mushaira-shayar-shair-poetry-Laxman-Wahid-Qamar-Siddique-Alok-Shrivastava-RaqsO-Nagma-Dastaangoi-Dastan-e-Mahabharata-Kavita Seth-Farhan Wasti-Urdu
Noted Bollywood Lyricist Irshad Kamil and Kavita Seth felicitating Farhan Wasti in presence of the Organiser and IPS officer Quaiser Khalid
“It was a packed house, I feel the show is getting a very good response from all over. This is very encouraging for poets and also the listeners are getting good poetry, “he adds.

Talking about the performances, Irshad Kamil says, “whenever I recite poetry in front of the audiences, I present with great love. I think whenever you present something with love audiences loves it.”

Quaiser Khalid the organiser was very thankful and the humble host for the evening he says- “We are extremely grateful to the college administration, students and the exceptional audience, especially the women who attended the event in large number despite the Janmashtami celebrations across the city. The enriching content, the variety of presentations and soulful and stimulating Kalams (hindi word for poems) of the poets who came from all across the country and the audience who came from different parts of the country and also from gulf countries had a mesmerizing time. The demand for more and more was truly indicative and connect that people developed with the event”.

Also present among them was Kavita Seth who felicitated Farhan Wasti, for supporting the cause promotion of Indian Languages and culture in Dubai.

Pasbaan-e-Adab stands for protecting the patrons of literature. The foundation aims to spread and maintain the country’s historical and cultural values. This was the primary reason for which Pasbaan-e-Adab was formed. Earlier, the foundation has organized many programs, promoting peace and harmony through Literature. It includes, Izhaar – International Poetry Festival, Anubhuti – Quality Hindi Literature, Meraas –Heritage portraying our ancestral heritage, Kavyanjali – Literary works from Marathi Poets & Literati.

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