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Award Winning Director blends lifeworthy values in 'Destiny'

‘Destiny’ to be screened at the 8th Pune Short Film Festival

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Nikita Vijayvargia and Monika Panwar in ‘Destiny’
‘Destiny’, a romantic drama comedy short film written and directed by Vikkramm Chandirramani, a Mumbai based writer-director will be screened at the 8th Pune Short Film Festival. This festival will be held at the National Film Archive, Pune from June 15-17.

'Destiny' is a romantic drama comedy short film (of 14 mins duration) which gives a glimpse into the changing dating culture of urban India. It has gone viral since its release two months back, crossing 1.7 million views on YouTube surpassing the response to short films made, backed by and featuring several prominent names from Bollywood. 

Last month, Vikkramm Chandirramani, the director of ‘Destiny’ received the ‘Best Foreign Film’ award at the Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival held at New Jersey, USA.

Excited about the worldwide responses, the talented director of the movie Vikkramm Chandirramani who is a writer,  producer, author and also the founder-editor of Futurescopes.com, a relationship advice website, commented “The response to ‘Destiny’ has been overwhelming. Its appeal has transcended boundaries. We have had several festival selections, screenings and awards. ‘Destiny’ is a youth-centric film which gives an insight into the dating culture in urban India today in the times when social media dominates. My cast and crew are very excited! Ironically, it’s the same social media that has worked in our favour. YouTube, Facebook and Whatsapp have made is easier for films that people like to float to the top as people share films they like with friends and family, enthusiastically. I’ve had viewers writing in from various countries, so much so that we have now added subtitles in Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, French apart from English which we have had from day one. We will also shortly be releasing dubbed versions of ‘Destiny’ in a few regional languages from India.” 

newztabloid,short films, newz,Vikkram,Chandirramani, Nikita, Monika,Destiny
Vikkramm Chandirramani, writer and director of the movie  'Destiny'
Adding on his forthcoming projects, Vikkramm Chandirramani said “I have several scripts written which I expect to film now, many of which will be youth-centric and socially relevant. We will soon begin auditions for our next film."

Destiny has sailed across the world with many leaps and tops  at the various film festivals, following are current ones and more to follow:

1. Won ‘Best Foreign Film’ at the ‘Ridgewood Guild International Film Festival’
2. Won ‘Best Romantic Comedy Short Film’ at the Five Continents International Film Festival.
3. Won ‘Best Actress Short Film’ at the Five Continents International Film Festival.
4. Won ‘Best Supporting Actress Short Film’ at the Five Continents International Film Festival.
5. Won 'Best Comedy Film' at the UK Monthly Film Festival
6. Won Best Short Film at the Mediterranean Film Festival, Italy
7. Finalist at NCCC Film & Animation Festival (In 'Drama' and 'Comedy' categories)
8. Official Selection at The Killer Comedy Film Festival
9. Official selection at the Austin Spotlight Film Festival
10. Official selection at the Calcutta International Cult Film Festival
11. Official selection at the Aab International Film Festival
12. Official selection at the Barcelona Planet Film Festival
13. Official selection at the Rome Independent Prisma Awards
14. Official selection at the Feel The Reel International Film Festival
15. Official selection at the 8th Pune Short Film Festival 2018. To be screened on June 15 at National Film Archive, Pune.

The movie is about the youth of today, about contemporary urban India and the prevailing dating culture where social media plays a dominant role.

newztabloid,short films, newz,Vikkram,Chandirramani, Nikita, Monika,Destiny,Quest Mercury
Movie poster of Destiny movie, produced by Quest Mercury Intermedia
Synopsis of the movie
Tanya finds it hard to accept when a guy she has met twice and has been raving about, loses interest in her. She decides to make him taste the same rejection. A charming bitter-sweet romantic comedy.
To read complete reviews please see links on the IMDB page.

Written, directed and edited by Vikkramm Chandirramani
Produced by Quest Mercury Intermedia Private Limited
Cinematography: Kartik Katkar
Sound Design: Shantanu Trivedi
Cast: Nikita Vijayvargia, Bhupendra Singh Jadawat, Monika Panwar & Jagriti Singh.

Numerous opinions have flowed in, here is what few reviewers have to say:

"Destiny is a cute, neat film that has a twist at the end, with easy-flowing dialogue, smart-casual performances and technical competence. Treated as a slice of life, Destiny is fresh and watchable. Realising the need for brevity, it shapes up around just two plot points, and should help take Chandirramani’s destiny as a film-maker to the next level."
- Siraj Syed, FilmFestivals.com

Destiny..benefits from the charismatic performances of its leading trio and Vikkramm Chandirramani's not quite expected way of wrapping things up..Chandirramani's own editing for the film allows revealing moments to linger quite effectively...this Hindi language, with English subtitles, the film is an effective, entertaining effort from an up-and-coming filmmaker. 
- Richard Propes, The Independent Critic

Vikkramm Chandirramani’s direction is unique, from translating the script to screen and egging the characters to bring out their best, his work is sure to leave you rooting for his next! 
- Nimisha Menon, Indie Shorts Mag

"There is an old saying which goes like that: "you don’t know what you had until you lost it", but in this short movie this quote goes on a postmodern approach, and becomes “you know what you have, and soon, someone else will know better”."
- Feel The Reel International Film Festival

“Destiny" is a well done production all around. Visually it's crisp, clear, and post production wise it's all aces. I always love it when I don't really have anything negative to say in terms of production quality. "Destiny" ended up being a playful delight. 
- IndyRed

"Destiny" is a good-looking, well acted short film..strong in the story it tells. It's not cheap or gimmicky, but styled and narrative driven. There's a lot to be said about a title that dares challenge the stereotypical thinking, that it's always the men in the world that are the bad ones. I also liked the smart twist of fate at the end. That point where "Destiny" really lives up to its name. 
- ReelRomp

“We were really excited to see how this short movie ended. Even though it’s just thirteen minutes long, it managed to cover so many aspects directors usually lose perspective of. We’re eager to see more from Vikkramm Chandirramani, as with this movie he managed to grab our attention, and at the same time we feel that he is cooking something nice for the near future, something that we would really want to see in this festival.”
- Short Stop International Film Festival

“It’s really well done. The actors do a great job making the film feel organic. The editing is excellent and makes the film flow well. Director Vikkramm Chandirramani put together a good short film”
- Casey Gray, The Arrival Magazine

'Destiny' is a good-natured comedy that will keep audiences smiling throughout...its bright and optimistic outlook, despite the presence of strong negative emotions, grants it a positive allure. All in all, this film is a worthwhile watch – a bright, bitter-sweet comedy that will almost surely provide a good dose of entertainment, and one or two uneasy thoughts about relationships today.

- Film Strip International Film Festival

The movie’s appeal transcends boundaries of age and culture. Its end will reinforce your belief in love, life and in valuing your loved ones.

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