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Anupam Kher launched Vivek Agnihotri's book 'Urban Naxals', in Mumbai

Agnihotri unmasks the subtle forces at play both in the film industry and society at large.

newztabloid-urban naxals-naxals-sandeep-anupam-kher-vivek-agnihotri-jagannathan-booklaunch
At the launch of ' Urban Naxals' from Left to Right Sandeep Singh, Anupam Kher, Vivek  Agnihotri and R Jagannathan holding the book
Veteran Actor Anupam Kher launched Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri's book 'Urban Naxals ' at an event in Mumbai. The book was launched first in Delhi by the current Union Textiles Minister, Government of India- Smt. Smriti Irani. 

Anupam Kher graced the occasion and applauded Vivek for his efforts. He said,  “It was a pleasure working with Vivek on the film Buddha in a Traffic Jam. I wish him all the best for the book.”

Urban Naxals currently stands 1st under Political Ideologies on Amazon. The book encaptures the riveting saga of a filmmakers struggle and conviction, the behind the scenes story of the making an award-winning film- Buddha in a Traffic Jam. India's Naxal 'Maoists' is listed among one of the top terror groups in the world. Earlier considered only active in jungles and remote places, Agnihotri unmasks the vast urban network, including leftist academia, media, NGOs, and intellectuals, which supports and fuels this terror- starting from his own professor in college days. These are the Urban Naxals, a topic rarely explored- in film, or in a book.

newztabloid-urban naxals-naxals-anupam-kher-vivek-agnihotri-booklaunch
Veteran actor Anupam Kher and Filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri in an intense discussion during the launch of the former's book 'Urban Naxals'
Agnihotri unmasks the subtle forces at play both in the film industry and society at large, which corrupt, influence and coerce masses into thinking and acting in a certain manner. This inconspicuous and indigenous bunch of people scattered within the society form the Urban Naxals who wage a weapon free guerrilla warfare all the time.

Vivek is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. A public speaker and an opinion leader in a highly partisan and aggressive environment in current times which is fueled by social media. An ex-advertising man, Vivek is a very popular public speaker on socio-political issues and lectures on 'Creative Thinking' and 'Innovation' in top global institutes.

His prophetic film 'Buddha in a Traffic Jam' dealt with the theme of Urban Naxalism and exposed the sinister nexus between the Naxals, Media, NGOs, and academia. The film faced extreme resistance from the Left and was stuck for five years before Vivek traveled across India to show his film, facing violent attempts to curb his freedom of speech. Vivek is an avid traveler, columnist, and a social media influencer. He is married to national award-winning actor Pallavi Joshi and has two children.

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