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Thane Gets 1st Standalone Cancer Daycare Center on this World Cancer Day

Outpatient clinic services, chemotherapy and supportive treatments under expert supervision to be provided in the Mumbai Oncocare Centre at Thane

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Mumbai Oncocare Centre at Thane, More or such standalone clinics are being planned to help meet the growing demand for treatment of cancer Said Dr. Kalaskar

The prevalence of cancer in India is expected to increase day by day. More than 70% of the cases present in the advanced stage which result in poor survival and high mortality. About 6% of all deaths in India are due to cancers which contribute to 8% of global cancer mortality. According to Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) data on site-specific cancer burden, in males, the most common are cancers of mouth/pharynx, oesophagus, stomach, lung/bronchi while as in females, the common cancers are cervix, breast, mouth/oropharynx, and oesophagus.

With the objective to treat cancer patient locally, a team of medical oncologist Dr. Ashish Joshi, Dr. Vashishth Maniar, Dr. Pritam Kalaskar, Dr. Kshitij Joshi, Dr. Pradeep Kendre have started MUMBAI ONCOCARE CENTRE at Ghatkopar, Borivali, Vile Parle & Thane. Onco day-care center provides Outpatient clinic services, chemotherapy and supportive treatments under the supervision of expert doctors & trained nursing staff. These centres also provide, chemotherapy administration, blood transfusion, diagnostic work, haematological work, bone marrow aspiration and biopsy  and all day care procedure.”

Dr. Vashishth Maniar, Medical Oncologist at MUMBAI ONCOCARE CENTRE, Mumbai said “ Regular Chemotherapy sessions for a general patient lasts at least for a 6 to 8 hrs every 3 weeks. For each of this chemotherapy, the patient has to travel all the way to the hospital. Hence with the objective to give quality care for a patient suffering from cancer, MUMBAI ONCOCARE CENTRE has planned for more standalone clinics to help meet the growing demand for treatment of cancer & help patient to get treatment near home.”

Dr. Pritam Kalaskar, Medical Oncologist at MUMBAI ONCOCARE CENTRE, Thane Said “Patients suffering from cancer, as well as cancer survivor need regular follow-ups for years after diagnosis & Treatment. About 70% cancers patients need chemotherapy. 40-45 % patients require radiations & 70% cancer patients need to add on therapy such as immunotherapy. Providing clinical care outside the hospital will help lower the risk of Immuno-compromised cancer patients from getting exposed to other patients with infectious diseases getting treated at the hospital. Such clinic with centre of excellence in cancer care help cancer therapies to be delivered in a controlled and safe environment outside hospital” added Dr. Kalsakar.

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