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Pegasus Sports in Association with Grand Slam Baseball Brings Baseball to Mumbai

Giving flight to India’s baseball aspirations

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Shlok Tripathi, Raunaq Sahni, William Holmberg, Zachary Adam Graefser, RJ Anmol, Edgard Kegan (US Consul General), Rishab Datta, Susan Morey
Baseball ready to set base in Mumbai! For the first time, Pegasus Sports in association with Grand Slam Baseball enters into an arena which aims to bring various Indian baseball teams, associations, and enthusiasts under one umbrella. The evening saw the presence of Shlok Tripathi, Managing Director, Pegasus Sports & Raunaq Sahni along with Dr.Aneel Kashi Murarka, Ankur Nayyar, Nakul Khanna, Namit Khanna, DJ Sheizwood, Prashant SharmaMitaali Nag, Shweta Khanduri ,they announced the introduction of Baseball in Mumbai. 

The event also witnessed the gracious presence of  US Consulates - Edgard Kagan, International players Zach Graesser, Bill Holmberg,

Some of the top schools & colleges of Mumbai- Podar International School, Don Bosco High School, Rajhans Vidyalaya & other schools played the exhibition match. 

"We plan to encourage the sport amongst young players so that they can hone their game and go ahead to play at the International level. Our aim is to create at least one player from India, who can play at Major League Baseball and inspire others in the country" says Raunaq Sahni

Shlok Tripathi, Managing Director, Pegasus Sports says "Baseball is played in many parts of the country and it always amazed me why a city like Mumbai has not yet taken to it. You have a bat-and-ball culture and mentality, so baseball seems a natural fit. Our objective is to groom players who can then compete at the professional/ international level."

Dr Aneel Murarka, Mitali Nag with Shlok Tripathi
Pegasus Conference Services Pvt Ltd, a 360°event management organization has joined hands with Grand Slam Baseball, India’s premier baseball organization that will provide access to world-class coaches, facilities, and equipment to grow the game across India.

Grand Slam Baseball has already set up India’s first professional size baseball stadium in New Delhi. Now, Pegasus and Grand Slam Baseball together have created an ecosystem for the sport’s development in Mumbai. The initiative is an attempt to bring the sports closer to the hearts of young Indians by targeting school & college students. The plan is to introduce the sport as part of the curriculum activities & organize intercollegiate baseball tournament to boost the sport. 

According to Pegasus Sports, the establishment of Baseball in schools & colleges will help in sourcing out talent at a school, college, and state level. Both Pegasus Sports and Grand Slam Baseball seem confident that if given the right training, India can give birth to "Sports Icons & Baseball Champs" who can represent India & glorify the national flag at an Olympic level. 

International player Zachary Adam Graefser with the Mumbai Players
To champion the cause, Pegasus Sports are currently tying up with venues in Dadar and Andheri to open facilities for those interested in the game. For schools & Colleges interested, they provide free week-long demos along with the equipment and gear required for the game. 

Long-term goals include growing the popularity of the sport in India by constructing an indoor space with all the necessary equipment for Baseball enthusiasts to enjoy. In turn, this will also be the Mumbai home ground for the National Baseball League in India along with ‘Pegasus Sports Trophy’.

Pegasus Conference Services Pvt. Ltd., is the parent company to Knot Married and Pegasus Rocks. Knot Married is in the business of destination weddings and social events while Pegasus Rocks handles live shows. They now introduce Pegasus Sports, their athletic arm with the introduction of Baseball in Mumbai.

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