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Mumbai under psychopathic attack, a serial killer on prowl ….Book Review of Moryaa Re!

Author Mark Manuel’s Pacey crime thriller through the lanes of Mumbai

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The elite Crime Branch sleuths of the Mumbai Police are easily compared with London’s Scotland Yard. But there is one thing they have never figured out – how to successfully detect crimes committed by psychopathic serial predators like pedophiles, rapists, and killers in this city of 20 million. Mark Manuel's debut novel Moryaa Re ! depicts the skills and analysiss of Mumbai Police Force to unravel this deadly mystery

This book Cleary reflects Author’s penchant for blood and action as he painstakingly wrote this Pacey crime thriller.
Mark Manuel’s long experience (three decades) in covering city crime and a close encounter with Mumbai police chronicles through this debut Novel, Moryaa Re! The Ganpati Murders published by Jaico Publishing House , making this gritty crime thriller a compulsively readable that goes through a gripping plot painting the headlines blood-red amidst the emotionally vulnerable Mumbai, with its glorious festivals, devotional mood, capricious monsoon and colorful people, provides the seamless dark and monsoon-spattered locale for murder within the religious fervor of revered Ganpati Bappa revolving around a serial Killer of circa 2011 who is a fanatic worshipper of Lord Ganapati Bappa and an avid Cricket fan.

Probably encountered or closely tracked, the author dips perfectly into this character of a sinister mind psychopathic killer with a warped and dark imagination whose sadistic pleasure comes from terrorizing the city with a series of chilling and gruesome murders every day. His victims are the innocent, rich, super-rich, party-lovers and famous. All VIPs or celebrities with one fault in common. Mumbai, The city of dreams, an abode of 20 million, the hub of visions, city of aspirations, a destination for fulfilling burning ambitions, Socialites, Wannabes, celebrities and celebrations – comes under deadly threat as it is reeling under the fear of this psychopath’s evil designs.

Why an ardent devotee of peaceful and benevolent Lord Ganesha turns out to be a Killer? What makes him behave like a Psychopath? Why he plans to kill one person on each day on this religious fortnight through the 10-days of Ganeshotsav celebrations? In spite of deliberate trail left by the killer, why police are baffled and clueless about his next move? His evil designs have kept Senior Inspector of Police, Angello Ferraz and Mumbai Police Sleepless when the whole Mumbai is forced to remain awake in the city ‘that Never Sleeps’. Adversities keep mounting for cop Angello Ferraz and his team as the challenge to figure out whose life will be claimed next before the deed has been done is too daunting and also to find out the motive behind the ruthlessly creative killings.

The Book also brings out the Mumbai through the investigative eyes of Mumbai Police, with well-defined characters, as they trail the killer from the busy streets on Mohammad Ali Road to the stillness in the lanes at Altamont Road, pandemonium and festivities of the Ganpati festival at Charni Road Chowpatty to early morning lonesome hours at Bandra East, making you visualize Mumbai at its vulnerability that is inherent. As the reading progress, you get to know the pains, challenges, hurdles and overcoming of the issues as they circuit across bustling lanes to track the killer. The author has given a real and insightful account of the investigation procedure carried out in case of a murder and psychopathic crimes which keeps the reader hooked.

Under the spell of this fast-moving thriller Actor Hemu Shetty a former colleague of Mark Manuel during his tenure in Afternoon D&C Tabloid is excited to see this thriller converted in to a movie couldn’t stop gushing at commenting “When you read a book pertaining to the crime fiction genre, who can give the subject better treatment than a writer who started his career as a crime reporter? This is exactly what the author Mark Manuel has delivered with his book Moryaa Re! The Ganpati Murders. Here, the author gives a thrilling account of a serial killer’s mind making sure to keep the reader engrossed and wondering what could happen next. This connection with the city, especially for a Mumbaikar all the incidents, events in spite of being August and imposing, doesn’t seem unrealistic or unreasonable, giving a true feel for a blockbuster movie makes it a gripping read” Adding to the fact that Mark Manuel is a very talented writer whose experience in journalism reflects in his writing, the text being apt, simple picturesque and elaborate.

The Foreword by the living legend and the megastar Amitabh Bachchan is rightly timed and is a Coincidence for me. The psychopathic killer character is similar to his character as Babu, brilliantly portrayed as a silent killer in the movie Satte Pe Satta is what I could closely contour as described the character in the book. No guessing, this could of Big B’s interest if he feels right in donning the same if approached to portray in the movie.

Title: Moryaa Re! The Ganpati Murders
Author: Mark Manuel
Foreword by Amitabh Bachchan.
Publisher: Jaico Publishing House
Pages -507
Price: Rs450 

This picturesque reading in a simple, descriptive and precise also exhibits Mark’s potential in digging out the facts through the police files, his researching techniques about how the investigation works are commendable. Also about how the police department works intricately through its network and providing details almost factual have kept the readers absorbed, probably the audience glued to the screen if this is made into a movie with an appropriate star cast. The narrative is vivid and has an essence of a commercial film-like quality, it will be a fast, pacey, furiously-gripping with a thrilling plot. Thus making up for the times where the audience does need to know the dark side of psychopathic killers having a creative mind that could make Mumbai Police Force meander endlessly. Author has definitely invested a great deal of time and energy in bringing out all its experience to make this book a great read, truly a must for all readers who like crime thriller.

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