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Things Sunny Leone confesses on #NoFilterNeha Season 2!

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When Sunny's husband thought she was a lesbian!
Neha: What was it like meeting Daniel in Vegas, In a night club, with your lesbian friend Rina.
Sunny: He thought we were together, which we weren’t, not even for a little bit, not even for shits and giggles.
Neha: Why did he think you were together.
Sunny: Because we came in together and Rina is someone that doesn’t trust like, I don’t want to say, I don’t know if it's like bad or good to say dress like a girl but she doesn’t necessarily wear girly, frilly pinks and all that kind of a stuff, she will wear like a golfer’s cap and a buttoned up shirt and jeans. It's not tight fitting you know it's all loose, so she and I walk in together, its like lipstick lesbian and bug, that’s what it looked like but that wasn’t the case. It was just that I was newly single and I'm like all right Rina you’re my date for this entire week. So she was like okay.

The one thing that irritates Sunny the most
I have an issue of being late, I have a crazy OCD with that

Sunny makes a smashing first impression!
Neha: What happened when you went and met your mom in law the first time
Sunny: I don’t know if she would like to think of herself as OCD but she is really clean, so her house is spotless, and when I saw spotless you could literally eat off her floor spotless, It's that clean.
Neha: You made a smashing first impression
Sunny: Yes, Like literally smashing, I stayed there, we had like a nice weekend and Daniel was at his factory in Brooklyn and I was leaving and saying it was very nice of finally staying here and blah blah blah and I turned and I smashed into a door that was one of these like beautiful and extremely clean glass door

Worst movie script according to Sunny 
I got a synopsis of something and then I think I wrote to my team back saying “Do you guys not read this? Why would I want to do this? It was like some, in the synopsis they used the word cigarette whore. And I was like first of all why would I play a character like that, second of all why would I promote cigarette and smoking when I’m part of this anti-smoking campaign. Three, did you guys read this? Do guys even read the stuff you send me and four, I don’t think this is going to be for me but I will take the time for sure to read it.

Sunny reads everything that has been sent to her.
I will take the time for sure to read it, I will honor the respect of the writer I guess or to somebody else’s stuff so just read it. I read everything that comes to me.

Sunny writes everything her daughter says!
She says mommy, daddy she says 18 words now. I count them, I write them down, I write everything down that she is doing to see the progress

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