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Oberoi Film Fest 2017 proceeds to be donated to MaStyle Care

Lights, Camera, Action! at Oberoi Film Fest 2017 from OIS

Newztabloid, Oberoi Film Fest,JD Majethia , Hats Off Production ,Anjana Sood ,Meghna Puri, Whistling Woods, Porus Khareghat,
Jury Members lighting the lamp

Oberoi International School (OIS) organized the ‘Oberoi Film Festival 2017’. This competitive platform saw young filmmakers from schools across Mumbai such as Jamnabai Narsee, Hill Spring, Podar and Oberoi International School showcase their creativity and talent while spreading a meaningful message that “Life is tough, so are we”. The proceeds collected from the film festival will be donated to MaStyle Care, a not-for-profit organization that works for the cause of women empowerment.

Emblematic of the theme, twelfth graders Devi Dang and Aravind Raju of OIS planned, organized and executed this event with great panache and finesse. The competition’s jury comprised of stalwarts such as Mr. JD Majethia who is an Actor/Director/Producer and Founder of Hats Off Production  of the popular serial Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, Ms. Anjana Sood (Writer/Short Film Maker), Ms. Meghna Puri, President (Whistling Woods) and Mr. Porus Khareghat, Head, Films Department (Ogilvy & Mather Advertising). The jury and audience were then enthralled with 7 stunning short films around the reflective theme. 

NewzTabloid, Oberoi Film Fest,Arvind Raju. Devi Dang, Partho Gupte, Amole Gupte
L to R - Arvind Raju. Devi Dang, Partho Gupte, Amole Gupte

Expressing his views, Mr. Stephen Augeri, Deputy Head of School, said, “This film festival was a wonderful opportunity for young filmmakers to exhibit their craft.  Our school is extremely fortunate to have been able to play host to it, thanks to the incredible efforts of the students responsible for its planning, organization, and execution.”

Newztabloid, Oberoi Film Fest, Kabir Khan , Vivaan Kabir , Mini Mathur
L to R - Kabir Khan , Vivaan Kabir , Mini Mathur

Mr. JD Majethia, Producer, Sarabhai v/s Sarabhai, said “Congratulations to all the participants. A Very well organized film festival loved the theme “life is tough, so are we”. Keep the pictures of this fest in the photo library as they will be needed in the future as debut projects of these future directors.”

Newztabloid, Oberoi Film Fest, Porus Khareghat, Meghna Puri , Anjana Sood . JD Majethia
L to R - Mr Porus Khareghat, Meghna Puri , Anjana Sood . JD Majethia

Oberoi International School, in an endeavor to bring about an all-round development, provides for its students a platform to showcase their passions and talents. Most events are student led, and this motivates students to not only challenge themselves in performing arts, filmmaking, and theatre but also take up huge projects like organizing an inter school film festival such as this one. These activities are invariably connected to some community outreach project which helps students to identify with the responsibility of the larger community and the world. 

Newztabloid, Oberoi Film Festival, Vivaan Kabir, Partho Gupte , Nandan Venketesh , Khushi Bhatia, Man Shah , Swaraa Lodha
L to R - Vivaan Kabir, Partho Gupte , Nandan Venketesh , Khushi Bhatia, Man Shah and Swaraa Lodha

Award Winners for Oberoi Film Fest 2017 were:

  1. Best Film – Jasmine Stung (Partho Gupte)
  2. Best Director – Jasmine Stung (Partho Gupte)
  3. Best Actor (Male) – Vikram Singh (Jasmine Stung)
  4. Best Actor (Female) – Amatulla Maukadam (Out of the Box)
  5. Best Story – Jasmine Stung (Partho Gupte)
  6. Special Jury Award – Spotlight (Vivaan Kabir)

Established in 2008, Oberoi International School aims to provide an elevated learning environment through comprehensive facilities and an enriching curriculum. Mr. Neil McWilliam is the Head of School. Ms. Bindu Oberoi, who is also a Non-Independent and Non-Executive Director of Oberoi Realty Limited, is the Chair of the Board at Oberoi International School. The mission is as follows, ‘’To fulfill every child’s educational and developmental needs in a safe and caring environment conducive to learning and teaching. We aim to create responsible, global citizens who show understanding, compassion, and acceptance of the differences in the world. As a school that does not focus only on exams and rankings based on the competitions won, we strive to ensure that every child in our care is empowered to make choices and encouraged to contribute to our community.’’ The core values of the school are Knowledge, Respect, Social Responsibility, Creativity, and Celebration.

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