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Anushka Sharma Unveils Polaroid Eyewear Collection for Fall/Winter 2017

Amplifying the grandeur of Polaroid with flamboyant and exquisite designs

Nalini Gupta_Managing Director Safilo Group India Anushka Sharma Brand Ambassador and Kyriakos Kofinas Senior Business leader India Middle East Africa & Lation America Safilo Group

Polaroid Eyewear, the inventor of the original polarized lenses and symbol of pop culture for millions of people around the world, unveiled its Fall/ Winter 2017 eyewear collection with brand ambassador Anushka Sharma and Kyriakos Kofinas, Senior Business leader India Middle East Africa & Latin America for Safilo Group in Mumbai today. Amplifying the grandeur of Polaroid since last 80 years, the brand is now all set to dedicate their new collection to lifestyle trendsetters. 

Bringing alive the brand elements like ‘style’, ‘playful’, and ‘cool’ with Anushka Sharma, Polaroid aims at connecting with young millennials who are looking for a fresh and contemporary look. A power-packed performance by Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts (SDIPA) kick-started the evening followed by the unveiling of a new collection by brand ambassador Anushka Sharma. The dance act engaged audiences and left them awestruck with their moves. As Anushka took the stage to launch the collection, the whole atmosphere brimmed with her enigmatic personality and charisma. Her infectious energy synced with the brand’s core essence, making the evening unforgettable.

Talking about the launch of Polaroid’s new collection, Kyriakos Kofinas, Senior Business leader India Middle East Africa & Latin America for Safilo Group, said, “It has been a pleasure to bring Anushka Sharma on board as the brand ambassador for Polaroid. Being an epitome of style and persona that connects well with today’s millennials, her chic and unique style statement serves as an inspiration for people. In order to meet everybody’s expectations and be at par, it has been our constant endeavor to keep experimenting and coming up with flamboyant and exquisite designs.”

The uber-cool unisex collection is UV protected and 100% Polaroid both for its ‘for all’ nature and its colorful intention. The new collection follows latest trends, expanding the existing line of range. This upgrade of the assemblage perfectly suits both young men and women looking for the ‘wow’ effect.

Anushka Sharma_Brand Ambassador Polaroid

Resonating with the brand’s core elements, brand ambassador Anushka Sharma stated, “I am honored to be associated with Polaroid eyewear. The brand enjoys a rich legacy of 80 years and has been an important catalyst in making eyewear relevant & fashionable. On their 80th anniversary this year, I congratulate Polaroid and am happy to launch their Fall/Winter 2017 collection. I love being fashionable and always look for something that has a contemporary design and is comfortable. Polaroid's Fall/Winter 2017 collection with its fresh, quirky and young collection is just the right fit with my sense of style.”

Style, color, and technology are Polaroid’s three watchwords, in line with the brand’s mission: to bring beauty to all, while protecting their eyes from UV rays, thanks to polarized lenses. 

The collection has a devoted range for both men and women. The collection also has Unisex sunglasses which come in round and pilot style.  

About Polaroid
Polaroid Eyewear is a worldwide leader in eye-care and a pioneering international eyewear brand that owes its name to the invention that changed the world of technology and optics: polarized lenses. Polaroid, since it was established by Edwin Land in 1937, has strengthened its reputation as a leading brand in polarized lenses. Today, Polaroid produces and distributes its polarized sunglasses, Clip-on's, SuncoversTM and optical frames worldwide through its own subsidiaries and its network of exclusive distributors. The brand joined the Safilo Group in April 2012. For further information: www.polaroideyewear.com

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