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“ I Would Love to reprise Mandakini’s role” , says Ashwitha Nayak, the slim , svelte , attractively endowed girl from Pernankila

Flashing with desire and burning with ambition

Ashwitha Nayak confesses of feeling closer to the character of Actress Mandakini in Ram Teri Ganga Maili, still from the widely acclaimed Kannada Movie 'Gurbhi' 

Gurbhi, a Kannada movie directed by Krishnappa Uppoor, a well-known film director and a heavyweight of the Kannada art films is her first movie, that displayed an exceptional performance of this freshly talented Ashwita Nayak, a second PU student from Pernankila, (an emerging town of Hiriyadka Taluk in Udupi district of Karnataka) who got selected instantly because she was the genuine mold of the character, for which the Creative heads were sourcing for. An accomplished Yakshagana artiste with innumerable performances in the interiors of the state, with diversified films as the leading lady in hand. Ashwitha with her sweet smile coming from her beautiful face with welcoming tone, this hot actress from the core of Karnataka bares herself to Bollywoodwallah about her journey, aspiration, dreams and her capability of portraying the boldest characters to enliven the hearts of the audience

Excerpts from the interview

What are the current projects and the films and the roles you working on?

As of now I had the opportunity of playing leading roles in most of my movies, currently I am working in a Kannada film and I have done movies across the languages in Gurbhi  ( Kannada)  , Guddeda Bhootha (Tulu), Maralu (Kannada short film),  and the shooting for the one short film titled Akshmya which is in progress  and soon to begin the work on a movie titled Premave Ninu Kshemave which is yet to start .

Any interesting anecdote or incident do you remember during the shoot, which you would like to share?

No such incidents, but let me share you about my experience while working with my first movie Gurbhi. I wouldn’t say that I was working in this movie, being a newcomer to this medium, while enacting the character, I felt I was learning the nuances of filming. Let me also tell you about the movie 'Gurbi', which literally means a grown-up girl, the story revolves around the issues and problems faced by a tribal family living in a very backward village set up. The script is exceptionally good and is very much in co-relations to most of the families who face innumerable challenges, especially ignored classes, here the movie portrays life experiences of the girl's father, elder brother, and her family. You can visualize the problems faced by the tribal’s and unheard classes, they are deprived of basic facilities, a community which fails to make its problems heard, and the hearts of the families that are unable to confess their problems and experiences they are facing.  The movie was an experiential process of my life, I feel through this movie I had been able to convey and bring before the audience in regards to the glimpses of rural life, and the extent of exploitation a community that is basically rural-centric and socially sidelined, experiences. I think I have become more knowledgeable in regards to the interior parts of India.

What brought you to this profession?

I always had a dream of becoming any actor, as I felt this could be a better suit for me. I had confessed to my parents about my aspirations of becoming an actor and they whole heartedly supported me and was willing to go an extra mile for the same. On the initial days of my auditions one of my parents guided me and always accompanied me, in case of my first audition, for Gurbhi , which was guided and accompanied by my father; honestly this was the most thrilling moment as I was selected for the main role. It was surprising as there were many aspirants around aiming this particular role, I wasn’t expecting this as I had come here for an entry or any role that came to me, but luck prevailed and I was selected for the main lead role. My dream had come true, everyone in my home was happy as my career took off very smoothly.

Tell us about your professional journey till now?

In terms of professional journey, what more can I ask for? , as of now I feel it is awesome! to some extent I wish they could add shades and nuances along with characteristic facility which a main lead role should get. However such drawback didn’t affect me as I didn’t take this kind of negative things to my heart. I am enjoying my journey and wishing more of good things to come, acting is a beautiful profession and I am truly enjoying my journey in acting, looking forward to some good project and wishing to do more.

Apart from acting what other aspirations you have?

Acting is really something that drives me and keep me on my toes, Acting is my sole ambition and would love to build a career, along with acting I love dancing, singing, practice Karate and  Yakshagana, do yoga as when I have time and any other activities that help me to build my career.

Opening to her dreams and desire, next step is Bollywood, willing to travel to Mumbai

Do you have ambitions for Bollywood? Coming to Mumbai and trying your luck?

Yes very much, it’s my utmost desire, I have big dream of coming to Mumbai to make my career in Bollywood, try my luck and I am willing to put best of my efforts to achieve the same. Along with the same, I am also keen to act in Hindi Serials as this is of also my interest. Would love to come to Mumbai and stay here to start my Bollywood and TV serial career.

No inhibitions for Bold scenes
 if script demands
Are you comfortable in doing bold scenes?

Today the scenes have become very important, for every movie each and every scenes are of major consequences for the movie. As the script, story line and characters have become bold, the need for the bold scene have risen and audience like the scenes that go well along with the script. I am comfortable in doing the bold scenes because script demands the same as an actor of the movie I have to go along with the script and the direction that’s goes along with the making of the movie, I love doing the scenes as need of the script is paramount and there is no such feeling as being uncomfortable for me. I am very much comfortable in doing bold scenes to keep the script fulfilled. Going ahead, scripts which has a social messaging , cultural change, Women empowerment , family values and current issues excites me. Roles that define and value my talent is what I am looking forward, true to my heart I am flashing with desire and burning with ambition to fulfill my career. My Family is my greatest pillar and source of undying strength.

In your first film Gurbhi, you displayed an exceptional talent, how was your experience?

As mentioned earlier, Gurbhi movie is close to my heart, being the first movie and was made my renowned crew and exceptionally talented people. I like playing the role that I love from my deepest heart, here in the movie I could relate myself to tribal girl and could understand the issues and difficulties faced by the tribal people. Every scene and shot I did my best to give an appropriate perfection to the character and I have put my heart and soul to the same. Frankly it was really a good role and the movie maker had invested their soul into it. It had lot of the nuances and sub-nuance for an actor to give his best, I took this opportunity to showcase my acting skills, you could see I did what came out best from me and really loved doing the same. Most of the scenes are exemplary, one of my favorite moments are in the scene where I was essaying the character besides a water stream, I imagined myself playing the role of Zeenat Aman under a waterfall in Satyam Shivam Sundaram and a role of Mandakini under a waterfall  in Ram Teri Ganga Maili . Both of these renowned actresses did their best and I would love to give my best too, given a chance I am willing to reprise the same in my forthcoming movies, I hereby look forward to such roles.

Ashwitha displayed exceptional talent and prowess of perfect actor who can blend in to the deep hearts of the character

All outfits suits her

Which is your favorite outfit?

I am very conscious about my dressing and very particular about wearing in every sense depending on situation. Most of the films I have done, all of the outfit have gone well with my body, whatever scene and role I have been doing till now. I love specifically to wear the ethnic outfits, I feel it goes well on me.  I have a keen sense for my body and I feel very comfortable in every dress I wear, I am a designer of my own body and try maintaining my figure. For me every dress goes perfectly on me either Indian, western, ethnic of all sorts, even Bikini suits me well. Above all I like ethnic dress considering my body, at an age of 20 with a slim, athletic figure with vital statistic of 32B-26-32 and a height of 5’5” I feel I really look beautiful in ethnic dress and would love to try newly launched western dresses too. To be very frank, overall I felt very beautiful inside-out wearing the tribal saree outfit in the Gurbhi movie that gave a feel of being a heavenly Apsara.

Tell us about your life and about your childhood?

My life has been really good, God has been kind and gentle with me and my family. I love my life, it’s a God’s gift and my parents are like God to me, I love all of my family member and my younger brother Ashlesh too share the same . I and my brother too have acted in the movie, we all are truly gifted to get this opportunity. To put in one words, I love my gift and my parents have supported us whole heartedly in whatever we have to do and whatever have interested us. They have never pushed us down nor have discouraged us and it’s such a beautiful feeling we get whenever they praise us for our efforts and activities we indulge in. It’s been twenty years since I was born, that I never felt hurt or dejected by their attitude or behavior. 

Who is your favorite actor from Bollywood?

I like Salman Khan, he is the favorite of all the current reigning Bollywood stars, the whole country loves him, but I love him more. I have special love for Katrina Kaif, she is indeed the sweetest I feel, the role with craziness she performs and with confidence she does, it’s so amazing, all of films are really good, I love the Salman and Katrina pair, they are magic, all the films of them together I have seen, it’s really a treat. From the younger lot, I like Alia, she is a darling, I feel I am very much like her, I love her and have seen most of her movies.

Confident of her personality and talent,
she looks forward to bank on it

How would you like to describe yourself? What are the strong points you feel you have?

I am a girl with confidence and would like to bring change with my talent and the movies I do. Today I feel confident, coming from the interior parts of Udupi, I have managed to bag some good movies, work with well-known directors and have achieved some fame, going ahead would like to continue good work and bring fame and prosperity to my state and country. My parents and family feel proud for me and would like to keep this going. I feel I am good-looking and attractive, currently I have started working on my body and would like to look more beautiful, Most of my friends and closer ones have told me that my smile is my best feature and going ahead I would be keen to be known as a talented actor with a good smile.

I am confident I am in parallel with the reigning actors, I am beautiful,svelte, with a desirable body ,having attractive features, with vital statistic of 32B-26-32 giving a slim and athletic figure, with a height of 5’5” and at an age of 20 the average age of any actress with nearly 5 to 6 films in hand. I have a potential of doing any role and in all the prominent languages, given a chance would be keen to do movies from all the languages across India.

Which are you favourite movie?

The film’s most I like is Student of the Year, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge,  Bhajrangi Bhaijan,  Neerja,  Sholay are my all-time favorites and other movies starring Alia Bhatt, Salman Khan, Katrina, Shahrukh Khan etc.

Who do you think is your biggest support?

Being an only daughter and the most pampered in the family, my biggest support is my Parents followed by my family members, I love my parents a lot and they are the best in terms of support and encouragement as they guide me from all the aspects.

Setting her career and ambition in sync.....Ashwitha is here to fly ahead

How do you look your career from here?

Right from the beginning I have taken my career seriously. Till now it’s been smooth and wonderful and looking forward to better prospects. Hoping for bright future as this profession offers innumerable opportunities and people are good. My next step is Bollywood where I am willing to put my utmost bet, I am sure of getting a good chance post to which no efforts will be lost to get this going towards a huge swing. Hopefully you will wish me ‘best of luck’ for my career.

From the hearts of Global Cinemawallah team and on behalf of its readers we wish this young girl a bright future and whole heartedly we look forward seeing her in the forthcoming Bollywood movies.

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