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Special screening of Short Film "SAB THEEK HAIN" directed by Raja Ram Mukerji

Movie with a message of women empowerment

Madhoo Shah with Raja Ram Mukerji and Neetu Chandra during the special Screening of the shot film " SAB THEEK HAIN " along with the Cast and Crew

Short Film "Sab Theek Hain" was specially screened in the presence of - Shaan, Anu Malik, Sucheta Khanna, Neetu Chandra, Anjali Mukhi, Hiten Tejwani, Madhurima Nigam, Priyanka Bassi, Smita Gondkar, Krishna Mukherjee, Sadhana, Bolly Bindra, Anjum Rizvi, Sujoy Mukherjee, Designer Bhumika Chheda, Aziz Zee, Manmeet singh (Meet Brothers), Sucheta Khanna, Ramona, Anjali Mukhi, Amin Haji, Suresh Thomas, Suchitra Krishnamurti,  and many more.

Lovely Madhoo Shah with her gorgeous daughter during the special screening of the short movie wherein she plays the stellar role

Raja Ram Mukerji hosted a special screening of his 28-minute short film, "Sab Theek Hain" that spreads the message of women empowerment "The reason behind making this short, 28-minute film is because of the kind of awareness or message we are trying to spread. It’s about women empowerment and it’s also a women-centric film. I am very intrigued with these shorts as you can impart a great message within a lesser time, be informative, have a story and not be preachy. People today are ignorant of a lot of things which they are not bothered about and are of the chalta hai toh chalne do types. My film is about how a daughter can stand by her mother till the end. I want to do away with old-fashioned concepts of women not earning as much as men or becoming successful. My wife Jyoti loves acting so I have always encouraged her to do that even post marriage. Madhoo’s character is a sensitive one who later becomes strong and capable of overcoming any challenges.”

Hiten Tejwani

What happens when parents get their daughters married abroad ? What happens when there is no trust and love remaining in a relationship? What happens when your own blood betrays?

Neetu Chandra
The short film "Sab Theek Hain" seems to succeed because of sound reasoning & convincing evidence of the story & star cast and has Madhoo shah , Vaquar Shaikh, Pravina Deshpande, Sareh Far etc.  The film is doing the round of film festivals & winning accolades for its powerful plot.

Cast and Crew of "SAB THEEK HAIN"

Crew- Producers - Rana / Sheekha Chatterjee; Director - Raja Ram Mukerji; Writer - Puja Ballutia; DOP - Amit Rege; Creative - Shanu Verma; Background Score - Prateek Gandhi; Editor - Pintu Gupta ; Promo Editor -  Jaydeep Mane; Costume Stylist - Shroboshi Samanta; Make up/ Hair Stylist - Merlyn Fernandes; Location - Future Studios; Post Production - Fair Art Studio; English Subtitles - Vishal Lallwani ; Production Incharge - Faizan Khan

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