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Madhushree Launched her new Pop Album Pal Ek Ehsaas at Andheri Cha Raja

Soon to fly to  Delhi to perform live to launch the same

Robby Badal & Madhushree seeks blessings from Andheri Cha Raja
Madhushree, singer and music composer performed live simultaneously launching her new album ‘Pal Ek Ehsaas ‘ at Andheri Cha Raja.She began with the singing of 5 Ganpati bhajan followed by two songs from the album.
Christie, Madhushree, Robby, Ratnakar & Uday
She was greeted and applauded hugely by the devotees at the Andheri Cha Raja as took blessings of Lord Ganesh at the Pandal along with Robby Badal. One devotee was heard saying “It is really nice to see Madhushree performing so well, feeling happy to launch her album here and we all wish her all the best. May her album be successful’.
Along with her friends and well-wishers, Christie Charles from Planet M and Ratnakar Kumar of Worldwide Music were there to give a boost and wish her all the success.Soon she would be heading to Delhi to perform live to launch the same.

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