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Is Ranbir’s Besharam piggy backing on Katrina and Salman’s popularity?

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zoOm has always been the first to break the news with the developments on Besharam. Reported earlier by zoOm, Ranbir had strongly recommended his lady love for the role but this time the actor has gone one step further! The actor may not have gotten his way with the director but it seems like the film’s PR machinery is leaving no stone unturned while banking on her fame and name! That’s not all; the team has also added the Dabangg Khan’s name to the list.

Keeping track of the social media promotions of the movie zoOm found out that the active social media team posted, “Neta Hoge Beimaan, Sheila Hogi Jawaan, Naahi Jiger Se Hoon Salman, Hoon Main Bada Shaitaan, Bhaago Public Besharam Hai Mera Naam”. With Ranbir playing the lead why does the film require additional starry names to promote it?  Like most of the questions revolving his film, it is possible that Ranbir would cleverly dodge the queries to this as well.

Is Ranbir’s street-smart image failing to impress his fans, unlike his previous hits? Or is the film’s PR machinery trying to prove that Katrina’s casting would have been the cherry on the icing?   To know more, tune into Planet Bollywood News every day at 7 pm on zoOm – India’s No. 1 Bollywood Channel

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