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Dheeraj Kumar returns to “Niyati” in Stellar role

Playing a pivotal role at a crucial point


Niyati .., a show which is being shown on Sahara One Monday – Friday at 9.30 pm once again have Dheeraj Kumar in stellar role to perform the character of Mr. Kumar. Before the leap in the show, the character of Mr.Kumar (Dheeraj Kumar) had entered at a crucial point where the high voltage drama of separation was happening between Sidharth (Sachin Sharoff ) , Niyati (Jayshree Soni). Mr. Kumar character ensured their reunion.


 …. Now after a leap of 15 years Niyati’s daughter played by Astha Chaudhary having a estrangled relationship with her husband Ishwar (Tabrez Khan) . Mr. Kumar ensures big support to Niyati , hence their life can move smoothly…


Mr. Kumar’s character have definitely infused more life into serial in terms of popularity and rating. The viewer have appreciated the mature performance of Dheeraj Kumar as an actor and enjoying the serial Niyati more passionately.

Creative Eye Ltd. being the assigned producer of the show directed by Mr. Vijay Saini have completed more than 650 episodes and marching a head successfully. 

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